Your Estate Plan is Set...But Is Your Family Prepared?

The successful transfer of the wealth to the next generation is the single biggest decision a high net worth family will face. Historically 70% of all family wealth transitions are unsuccessful and result in family assets and harmony among family members  being lost sometimes permanently. Is your family at risk?


In this workshop families learn  how family dynamics play a crucial role transitioning wealth to the next generation. This session focuses on 10 inheritance conversations families can have now to prepare for successful wealth transfer.

Families who attend this session obtain a copy of the Institute's Family Workbook. This Workbook contains the conversations required, along with family guidelines which can be used by families to have family wealth conversations  in order to begin preparing for the successful wealth transfer.

Family Briefings

This program is designed for all family members including the spouses and the next generation and it can be attended with or without their family advisers.

 These sessions are typically a "deep dive" into specific items covered within the "Your Estate Plan is Set...BUT Is Your Family Prepared" briefings.  Similar to that briefing it can be attended by between 5 and 20 families at any one time and it is often customised as a family workshop for the attendance by an entire family group.

These sessions introduce families  to the challenges they face with the management and the successful transition of the wealth to the next generation. Optional topics may include:

  • Trust and Communication

  • Preparing the Next Generation

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Family Meetings

  • Philanthropy

  • Purpose of Wealth / Mission Statement

  • Family Constitutions

  • Resolving Conflict


A Briefing for Women- Assuming the Mantle of Financial Leadership

It is anticipated that by 2030, 70% of all wealth in America will be controlled by women.  Some would argue it already is.


The emergence of women assuming the family financial leadership roles involves considerably more aspects than simply the money. This workshop is designed for women who have or will prospectively have the responsibility for the family wealth .  It introduces tools and resources that women can use now to prepare for these roles, the changing relationships with other family members and for the successful transition of wealth to the  next generation.

Family Financial Fitness-What Shape is Your Family In?

This session focuses on developing ways families can prepare for their financial future including preparing their children for the transition of wealth.  The workshop introducing tools and resources that families can use immediately in order to assess whether the family is ready for a successful wealth transition.

Philanthropy - Is It The Glue That Binds A Family Together?

This session addresses how individuals and families use Philanthropy as a tool in engagement, preparation, education and empowerment to family and the future generations of the family.

Specialised Tailored Workshops

These programs can be tailored for Institutional advisers, families and individuals.  Programs in this area have been provided for:

  • Philanthropy

  • Sport and Entertainment individuals - individuals, their families and managers.

The benefits to advisers are that the sessions are customised to the specific needs and objectives of the adviser, the tools and resources are immediately implementable by advisers into their practice and advisers are given access to the Institutes tools and resources for a limited time.

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