Preparing the Family for the Wealth Transfer-....Can Your Family Afford Not to be Prepared?

Managing wealth is not simply about making the right investment choices. Protecting the family legacy, education and creating family unity are paramount but often understated.  Entitlement issues, disengaged family members, relationships with spouses - all issues which are vital to create a lasting impact and enduring family.

There is a reason the saying "Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves In Three Generations" exists.  70% of all wealth transfers fail.  Believe it or not, there are ways and processes to overcome this and preserve and protect the wealth that you have created.


All families are unique, however our experience and that of 50 years of field research globally tells us that while families are unique, how those issues play out in each family is unique and that the personalities are unique, the themes are consistent.


Imagine… you build a successful business enterprise through years of hard work. You decide to retire and place the enterprise in the hands of new management. However, the new managers have no understanding of the company’s products, goals, history, values or mission. They have no experience in the field, let alone a basic knowledge of day-to-day business functions. There is great likelihood a company will not succeed under these conditions, and realistically, you would never trust these individuals with even one dollar of your hard-earned wealth. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you are doing with your estate if you do not take the necessary steps to prepare your family for the responsibilities that lie ahead.


Can your family afford not to be prepared? If not, the time to start preparing is NOW!


The Institute for Family Wealth  training sessions are designed for successful families to attend with the objectives of preparing the families for the successful transition of wealth to the next generation. As the premier provider of next generation topics, the Institute number one focus is to provide the tools, training and on-going support to assist families to prepare for the transition of the family's wealth before it is to late!


These sessions can be attended by the entire family including the patriarch and matriarch, the spouses, children, grandchildren, the wealth creators and the philanthropists with or without their family advisers and they can be customised specifically for family’s needs and objectives.


 Please contact us to discuss how a session can be tailored for your family's needs.