About Us

Our sole focus is to ensure that individuals and families of wealth, and their team of advisers are equipped with the tools and resources to ensure that the family is educated and prepared for their future roles and responsibilities that will come with an eventual transition and transfer of wealth.


Why do we do what we do?

To preserve wealth and ensure that a family's legacy and the past, present and future relationships within a family are not materially affected by wealth, and the "wealth tsunami" event that occurs in all families at one point in time.

As an owner of wealth, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want the wealth that has been created to provide in the years and decades into the future?

  • Are my family aware and have "bought into" the plan?  

  • Is my family prepared NOW for the roles, responsibilities and relationships they will be required to take on into the future?

As an adviser to families of wealth, ask yourself:

  • Are you aware that 98% of your clients will leave you and your firm on the passing of your client and their spouse?

  • Do you have a strong relationship with your clients entire family, including children and spouses?

  • Are you comfortable starting the conversation around family topics separate to the technical matters you traditionally speak to them about?  

The Facts

  • 70% of all wealth transfers to the next generation fail.  

  • 90% of the reasons for those failures generally occur due to 4 main reasons - Trust; ​Communication; Family Readiness; and a lack of clear purpose and mission of family wealth.

  • In Australia, it is estimated that over $3.5 Trillion of wealth will be transitioned over the next decade, in the form of Family Owned Business

  • In the United States alone over USD $1 Trillion of wealth will be transferred to the next generation each year for the next 4 decades.

The need to address these issues has never been more important, however for many families they were unaware of how to go about addressing and discussing these often highly emotive topics.

The Institute for Family Wealth, has been built on over 80 years of fieldwork by EWM Group and our international relationships.  Our programs are uniquely placed to be delivered in Australia, to Australians, in an Australian way yet accessing global best practice.  Importantly, as an independent organisation these programs are delivered inclusively with your existing advisory team.