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October 02, 2018

Conflict Resolution

Family’s are Family’s, and like all family’s at some point ion time conflict exists.  Add to that, the element of a family business, significant assets, some family members working in the business while others are not and the chances for conflict increase.  This webinar will address ways to prevent conflict as well as addressing conflict as it occurs and as it relates to family succession, business, family legacy and how this topic can be addressed within a family constitution. 

February 12, 2019

Managing Wealth Transfer, Trust and Communication

This 3 hour workshop is delivered online teleconference.   In this workshop families learn how family dynamics play a crucial role transitioning wealth to the next generation and introduces the 10 conversations families can have now to prepare for successful wealth transfer.  The remainder of the session will then focus on the main cause of transition failures – Trust and Communication among all family members.  Attendees obtain a copy of the Institute's Family Workbook which contains the conversations required, along with family guidelines which can be used by families to suit their own needs.

February 26, 2019

Managing Wealth Trasfer, Preparing the Family

This 3 hour workshop is delivered online via teleconference. This session continues from Module 1 and addresses the issues of Preparing the Next Generation, which remains one of the 4 main reasons why transitions fail.  This session will include strategies for all family members including spouses and discuss, education, roles and responsibilities, mentoring and more. 

March 12, 2019

Purpose of Wealth

This 3 hour workshop is delivered online via teleconference. This session addresses the vital aspect of determining and documenting an agreed purpose of wealth.  This is the final aspect of the 4 key reasons for unsuccessful transitions.  In this session we will address Legacy, Priorities and Values and how those items can and should be used to determine your overall purpose of what you want the family’s wealth to now achieve for current and future generations, as well as understanding how this purpose sets the tone for all aspects of the family’s operations – business, philanthropy, investment and how they interact with their advisers.

March 25, 2019

Effective Family Offices

This 3 hour workshop is delivered online via teleconference.  The final instalment of this FBA tailored program focusses on how your own family office structure (whatever form that takes) can be effective in managing and overseeing all family requirements including those which form the basis of the earlier 3 modules.  Resources in-house vs outsourced, investment, reporting and administration, balance between business v family resources and what roles family play will all be addressed along with others.

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