The New Challenge for the Modern Day “Trusted” Advisor

Published on January 25, 2018 by

Brad Scott, Founder and Family Chief Emotional Officer, EWM Group

Today’s advisors of affluent and multi-generational clients are facing one of the biggest challenges-how to manage the largest generational wealth transfer in history. 

It is predicted that 81% of Australian family business owners intend to retire in the next 10 years generating a wealth transfer of $3.5 trillion[1].  In the United States $1 trillion in assets will transfer each year for the next 50 years[2]. This wealth transfer can have serious consequences for today’s advisors, and their organisation. 

Firstly, data has shown that when an estate transfers:

·        2% of children keep their inheritance with their parent’s financial advisor;[3]

·        only 45 % of spouses keep their assets with the same financial advisors;[4]

·        as much as 98% of client assets leave the adviser when the second parent passes away; and[5]

·        about 70% of wealth transfers are not successful. [6]

This means that the modern day advisor needs to be proactive NOW in how to manage the generational transition of wealth or otherwise risk losing their clients. It is no longer going to be enough to simply focus on building a strong relationship with their client over many years. An advisor must engage with the broader family group and eventual beneficiaries prior to any future transfer of the family wealth.  However, the question is how do advisors go about engaging with the broader family members and address some of the “soft” or “human” skills which are so critical to add significant value to clients and truly become their trusted adviser. It is easier said than done! 

To do this effectively, advisors need to be able to:

·        Build and deepen the relationship with all the members of the family;

·        Know how to initiate family driven conversations with them as they relate to their wealth and transition;

·        Know how to identify when their clients are raising this issue (as they will); and

·        Know what to do to assist them.   

Given the significant risk to an advisor's business and their organisation, the onus is on the advisor to educate themselves on how to acquire these essential skills and differentiate themselves from their peers.

Developed by The Institute for Family Wealth, EWM Group is offering a transformational, highly interactive workshop for advisors that will take an advisor’s practice to the next level − one that looks beyond the money to develop many different relationships with the entire family, and addresses the family’s need to be prepared for the successful transition of wealth.

This three-hour program is structured to include 4 teaching modules of 15-20 minutes and group ideas/sharing. Pre-work will be delivered prior to the workshop so that participants can prepare to engage in real life discussions related to their practices during the workshop. Workshops have been scheduled as follows:

  • 13th February 2018 - Brisbane

  • 15th February 2018 - Sydney

  • 23rd February 2018 - Perth

  • 27th February 2018 - Melbourne


Advisors who embrace the challenge of the largest generational wealth transfer in history by preparing themselves now will position themselves to:

  • Differentiate your practice from your peers;

  • Deepen relationships with your entire set of client families (grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and spouses) before the estate transitions;

  • Cultivate new relationships with successful families planning to transition wealth;

  • Expand your network of professional advisors who work with successful families, lawyers, accountants, trust officers, investment bankers, insurance specialists, commercial real estate agents etc.[7]


Preparing the next generation for the transfer of assets takes time. Advisors need to act now and be prepared so that they can take advantage of this new opportunity that the transition of generational wealth will bring.

Numbers for each workshop are limited. So, book early to avoid disappointment. To book your place for this workshop, please email or contact us at or


About Brad Scott, EWM Group and the Institute for Family Wealth

Brad Scott in an international speaker, and founder of EWM Group and the Institute for Family Wealth. EWM Group is the National Gold Sponsor of Family Business Australia and partner to its family business and adviser members in the areas of Family Office, Philanthropy, Wealth Management, Family Governance, Coaching and Education.

EWM Group specialises in working with successful individuals, families and family businesses in protecting their wealth and their families for the benefit of current and future generations. This includes Family Office advice, Investment Governance, Strategy and Policy, Wealth Protection, Preparing the Next generation for the future roles and responsibilities, Philanthropy, Risk management, Specialist Asset Management and a range of administration, compliance and back of house requirements. Brad can be contacted directly via

The Institute for Family Wealth provides successful families and their advisers with tools, training and ongoing support to assist in preparing families for a successful transfer of wealth to future generations.

 We provide advisers to affluent families with the tools, training and ongoing support to enhance their position as the trusted adviser, change the conversation from a purely technical one, to one of family and to allow them to attract, engage and retain generations of affluent families. 

Our tools, resources and process have been tested over time and are immediately implementable in your business.  





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